Awesome collection of Components, Controls, Plugins, Samples related to Xamarin Forms and Xamarin Native.


DownloadManager – Xamarin

Easy Csv Reader – Xamarin

VideoView – Xamarin

WebSocket.PCL – Xamarin

Xamarin Tip

Infinite Scroll – Xamarin

AdMob – Display Ads in – Xamarin.Forms

LiveXaml – What you xaml is what you see

Tạo một gì từ xaml Dynamically

9Patch – Xamarin.Forms

GoogleAnalytic Plugin – Xamarin.Forms

AdvanceTimer – Xamarin.Forms

Controls – Xamarin.Forms

Xamarin-SideBar (can from left)

GestureRecognizer Library – Xamarin.Forms


CarouselView – Xamarin.Forms


Page Transition – Xamarin.Forms

DropShadow ListView – Xamarin.Forms

Behavior List – Xamarin.Forms

Device Orientation Plugin – Xamarin

Xamarin Components Collection


Xamarin.Binding Collections (Treasure for Xamariner)

Unified Map – Xamarin.Forms Map

Responsive BootStrap Like On Xamarin.Forms


LocalNotification Plugin

Add SearchBar in ios11 – Xamarin.iOS 11



CardView – Nuget

Push Notification Tutorials – Plugin

MultiLingual App Toolkit – Xamarin

Screenshot Plugin

DragView Sample

FacebookClient Plugin

Https:// the n

Firebase Push Notification Plugin

PushNotification Plugin

FileUploader Plugin


Radio buttons – Xamarin.Forms

Toptabbedpage – Xamarin.forms

Xamarin Animation Library

Horizontal ListView

Signature Pad Control

SegmentedControl – Xamarin.Forms

Azure Push Notification Plugin

Xamarin.Forms Controls

Xamarin.Forms UI Enhancement





Swipe Library – Xamarin Forms

Animation Navigation Page

–AAAAndrnikulin / AnimationNavigationPage

Parallax View Control – Xamarin.Forms

Effects for Form – Xamarin.Forms

Push Notification Plugins – Xamarin

Override selection State on ListView using Effect

Synfusion Controls in Nuget

Add Ai To Xamarin App (Azure AI)

Voice Dictation with AppleWatch Xamarin

KeyChain.Net – Xamarin

Localize Xamarin Forms

Wifi Deployment – Xamarin

ChromeCast – Xamarin

Apple Pencil – Xamarin



Xamarin.iOS Dialog

Use Icon Font in Xamarin.Forms

Xamarin.Forms Snippet WebSize

Keyboard Overlap Plugin

CheckBox Xamarin Forms

Show PDF in Xamarin Forms

Xamarin Forms Long Press Effect

Useful C # Extension

Fast Mock Rest Api

ListView Auto-Sizing Un-Even-Row

Xamarin Forms Dynamic Binding StackLayout

Syncfusion Component

Acr UserDialog

Google Native Login

Picker with Right Side Icon

Step Bar Xamarin Forms

NavigationBar with Shadow Xamarin Forms

Clear DatePicker Xamarin Forms

Xamarin MultiLingual Plugin

Image Entry Xamarin Forms

Lottie Animation Step By Step Xamarin Forms

Select Multiple Image from Album Xamarin Forms

Cool Introduction Page (vdo) Xamarin Forms

Dynamic Wrap Layout – Xamarin Forms

FFImageLoading Image Component – Xamarin Forms

Signature Pad – Xamarin Forms

Infinite Scroll ListView – Xamarin Forms

SafeAreaInSet – Xamarin Forms – iPhone X

Sound Plugin – Xamarin Forms

Dismiss Button Keyboard – Xamarin.iOS

HyperLink Label – Xamarin Forms

Credit Card Payment with Omise

Credit Card Payment with Stripe

Secure Background Screen – Xamarin

Augment Reality – ARCore – Xamarin.Android

Augment Reality – ARKit – Xamarin.iOS

Tinder like – SwipeCardView – Xamarin Forms

Timezone Conversion – NadaTime – Xamarin Forms

FastLane – Xamarin.iOS

Beautiful Android LaunchScreen

UITextField Shaker – Xamarin.iOS

Implement Show / Hide Password using Effect

RKNotificationHub – Xamarin.iOS

Expanding SplashView – Xamarin.iOS

Plugin and Permission change in ios11

Ios11 Large Title – Xamarin Forms

Visual State

Realm Db

Authenticate with facebook – Xamarin.Auth – Xamarin.Forms

–authenticate-users-through – facebook-using – xamarin – auth/

MAC App – Xamarin.Forms

LiveXaml – Xamarin.Forms

Develop RealTime Communication – Socket

Micro Chart – OpenSource Beautiful Chart – Xamarin.Form

RepeatView – Xamarin Forms

Parsing HTML C #

Changing Statusbar Color iOS

SVG Control – Xamarin

Floating Action Bar Button – FAB – Xamarin.Forms

Badge Control – Xamarin.Forms

Borderless Entry

MarkDown Label

bale /

Json TextView

Xamarin Flux

Kimono Designer – SkiaSharp

CrossPlatform Drawing – SkiaSharp

Image Containerization while preserve aspect ratio – Xamarin.Forms

Add Property [ImageFailed, ImageOpened] to Image – Xamarin.Forms

IconView – Xamarin.Forms

GridSplitter – Xamarin.Forms

Javascript web view – Xamarin.Forms

UI Test REPL – Xamarin

3D Touch – Xamarin.Forms

9Patch Image SplashScreen – Xamarin.Android

Share Dialog – Xamarin.Forms

Xamarin Forms – CarouselView

Declarative Animation Library for Xamarin.Forms

Call C / C ++ From Xamarin

Xamarin.Forms – Printing

Xamarin Forms – Mock

Xamarin Forms – Profiling

Xamarin Forms – Tab Badge

Technical Dept Prevention Clinic

Full Screen VDO Background Control – Xamarin.Forms

Xamarin.Forms – Ammy

UI Sleuth – Xamarin Debugger Help

(DoD) Definitive Of Done – for Xamarin Developer

Embed .NET to Native AndroidJava / iOSObjC App – Embeddinator

Xamarin.iOS – CoreNFC

VS2017.PC Roslynator is an open source collection of over 180 analyzers, code fixes and refactorings.

List of Beautiful Xamarin.Forms App

Linker Analyzer

Xamarin.Forms App SourceCode – Skimmer_Scanner_Detector


CSS in Xamarin.Forms

10 tip for Bluetooth LE

InAppPurchase Plugin

OneClick Clean & Zip Xamarin Project

Hiding Key and Password From Git

Flex Button – Xamarin.Forms

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